Super Heat Wrap

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Brand:  Lavender Wraps

(Shown in Raspberry)

Super Heat Wraps are wonderful for helping to relieve aches and pain from arthritis, and sore, achy muscles.

The covers of our Super Heat Wraps are cold water washable, dry cool. The ingredients in our inserts are all natural and the very best available! Inserts are filled with flax seed, infused with pure essential oils and herbs.

​Inserts are billowed to allow even distribution of contents for a more even heat. Flax seed holds the heat for a moist, deep penetrating heat to open capillaries allowing increased blood flow, warming and relaxing muscles while the aromatherapy relaxes and freshens the air.

Size: 28″ x 8″

​​​Note: microwave must have a working carousel to prevent heat concentration in one place which could scorch or burn wrap.

Our wraps are handcrafted by aromatherapy artisans in the city of Santa Rosa, California. Our crafters use only all natural ingredients in their purest form, the finest quality of fabrics, and a unique artistry in style. We use essential oil flax seed inserts, with washable covers to make your relaxation experience even more enjoyable. Our business is our pride, so feel free to visit our website and read the excellent reviews that have honored our brand, thanks to our happy customers.


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Weight 3 lbs

Ash Gray, Azure, Baby Blue, Black, Blush, Charcoal, Chocolate, Crimson Red, Denim, Grape, Hot Pink, Jewel, Latte, Lavender, Lilac, Mauve, Midnight Blue, Olive, Purple, Raspberry, Sky Blue, Violet


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